Chasdei Efrat’s Mission

Chasdei Efrat’s mission is to enable Efrat residents to help other Efrat residents in need. That can mean financial assistance, weekly food deliveries or use of the many gemachim housed in our Yad b’Yad building,  which brings together all kinds of services under one roof so that we can offer comprehensive solutions to families in need.


How many people are helped every year?

Every year over 100 families receive significant financial aid and over 50 families get food deliveries on a weekly basis. Hundreds of others receive coupons to buy food before Rosh Hashanah, Purim and Pesach, and many more benefit from the services available at Yad b’Yad.

How do you decide who to help?

Most of the services in the Yad b’Yad building are open to all.

Those who wish to receive food packages or financial aid fill out a form and a committee of volunteers meets regularly to review all the requests. The committee works hand-in-hand with municipal social workers, financial counselors and mental health experts to figure out how best to help each applicant.

What is the annual budget?

We raise and distribute about a million shekels a year. As Efrat grows, there are many more families who could use help so the need for funds continues to grow too.

Is this the same as Keren Efrat?

No. Both are important but they do very different things.

As our name indicates, Chasdei Efrat is about chesed — it’s a charitable organization that directly helps individuals in need of tzedaka.

The Efrat Development Foundation, which sometimes  calls itself Keren Efrat, sponsors projects that improve the general quality of life in our town, like exercise parks and first response teams.

When did it start?

In May 2014, the two local charity funds, headed by Rabbi Shlomo Riskin and Mr. Eli Mizrachi, united to maximize efficiency and minimize costs. The board of Chasdei Efrat consists of local rabbis and representatives of several different communities within Efrat.

Any special plans for the future?

Yes! We are planning a renovation of the old Yad b’Yad building to better serve Efrat’s growing population. We are inaugurating a dedicated Building Fund this year and could definitely use your support. Please consider donating!